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The most complete and accurate hazardous materials technician level textbook available.  Written by and for active emergency responders.

Hazardous Materials Technician Textbook

Artikelnummer: 978-0-9986706-0-7
  • HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TECHNICIAN is the only dedicated, up-to-date text to cover all key concepts, principles, and hands-on techniques associated with effective hazardous materials response. Organized to follow the logical progression of a hazmat response, it offers detailed explanations and examples addressing regulations and standards, toxicology, chemistry, information resources, PPE, air monitoring, sample identification, containers, damage assessment, product control, decontamination, ICS, response organization, and much more. Detailed step-by-step procedures are provided throughout, and complemented with visual walkthrough guides to performing complex procedures (available online). Historical incidents are presented for context, and response considerations for commonly encountered incidents are thoroughly discussed. Solved exercises show students how concepts are applied in realistic response scenarios, and review questions enable students to test their knowledge of each key technique.

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