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This 40 hour clandestine laboratory recognition and response class is designed
for hazardous materials technicians and hazmat operations personnel that need to be trained to the mission specific competency for illicit lab response. This course will expand the students' ability to operate at illicit drug, chemical agent, biological agent, and explosives labs in the field using the safest and most effective methodology. The class is approximately 50% hands on learning! Illicit lab response topics are introduced through realistic scenarios, skills stations, and exercises.

The class covers:

Chemical Synthesis & Production Equipment
Organic Synthesis Methods
Illegal Drug Production
Explosives Production
Chemical Warfare Agent Production
Toxin Production
Biological Growth and Production Equipment
Biological Warfare Agent Production
Hazard Assessment at Illicit Labs
Air Monitoring Techniques at Illicit Labs
Biological Warfare Agent Detection
Illicit Lab Processing & Environmental Sampling
Sample Identification at Illicit Labs

This class
can be



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