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This 8 hour online workshop is geared toward tactical decision making when faced with possible highly toxic opioid and fentanyl analogs. This workshop is fast paced with tabletop exercises and simulated hot zone scenarios using actual chemical samples. We will run multiple chemical samples related to illicit drug response using detection papers, multi-gas meters, infrared (FTIR) and Raman spectrometers, and trace detection. See how various forms of technology and equipment complements one another to provide your agency with a layered approach to identifying hazardous materials – from the front door to a visible sample. Orthogonal detection and accurate interpretation is the foundation of sound hazmat response. Learn what tools are available to help you obtain crucial identification results even when no visible material is present, which will enable you to make optimal decisions for increased scene safety!

The class covers:

Fentanyl Analog Information

Risk Based Response
Air Monitoring

Sample Collection
Sample Identification
Personal Protective Equipment


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(Online version)

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