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This is our popular 8 hour Tactical Chemistry class adapted for online learning.   It is certainly not your average online chemistry class! We cover the chemistry of hazardous materials with live demonstrations, hands-on activities, and lots of chemical  identification exercises using all of your air monitoring and sample identification equipment, such as pH paper, oxidizer paper, halogen detectors, multi-gas instruments, PIDs, Raman and FTIR spectrometers.  If you don't have some of the equipment we will demonstrate it online, and we will have other participants the use and performance of their equipment. We will let participants know which equipment and readily available samples to have at the ready for the class. When you are at the station, don't forget to practice social distancing with your crew!

The class covers:

Risk Based Response
Air Monitoring
Sample Identification
Chemical & Physical Properties

The Periodic Table

Salts & Non-Salts


Hydrocarbon Derivatives

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(Online version)

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