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ONLINE Tactical Chemistry Zooms to Life!

It has been an exciting couple of weeks for us here at Dr. Hazmat Inc.! We have moved two new classes to the online format, both to rave reviews. The first set of six online Tactical Chemistry classes for nine fire agencies ranging from Idaho and Wyoming, to Kansas and Texas, and all the way to Michigan was a marathon week for us, but students got a lot out of the hands-on exercises with their equipment. High quality, hands-on training has been difficult to come by during this pandemic but I believe we have found a great recipe to supplement all of the slide-based webinars that are out there. Please join us if you are starving for instructor led, hands-on training with challenging samples. We will be conducting six classes for the East Coast this month, and more classes for the West Coast in June. These are fully grant funded classes thanks to the Sustainable Workplace Alliance and a generous grant from the United States Department of Transportation. Please check under the Sign Up tab for the latest schedule. See you soon!

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