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This online hazardous materials technician refresher program has a tactical focus despite being a web-based class.  The class consists of six unique 2 hour modules, which after successful completion together become a 24 hour hazmat tech refresher certificate. The class is still approximately 50% hands on learning! Hazardous materials response is introduced and reinforced through realistic skills stations, scenarios, and exercises.

After registration, students receive an email with the necessary equipment needed for each module (for example reference materials, air monitors, PPE, decon equipment, mitigation equipment, etc.).  Students will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience under the guidance of an instructor.

The 12 modules cover:

Module 1: HazMat Operations Level Review

Module 2: Reference Materials

Module 3: Chemical and Physical Properties

Module 4: Toxicology

Module 5: Air Monitoring Basics

Module 6: Advanced Air Monitoring

Module 7: Personal Protective Equipment

Module 8: Identification of Unknowns

Module 9: Product Control

Module 10: Illicit Labs

Module 11: Decontamination

Module 12: Incident Management


Please see the SIGN UP tab for the latest schedule!



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