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We specialize in hazardous materials response and counter-terrorism training and exercise design. We have the expertise to reduce the complex topic of hazardous materials response to the essentials your team needs to know, increasing their confidence and ability to handle even the worst hazmat incidents.

We are committed to increasing the chemistry knowledge base of the emergency response community. A solid foundation of scientific knowledge is essential to handling the 20,000,000+ chemicals that are created, stored, transported and used commercially in the United States. Even a photographic memory can't prepare you for all of them, but understanding basic hazardous materials principles can!

We have exceptional training courses, which have been developed in-house and are updated continuously. If you don't see the class you are looking for, chances are we can develop it for you. Our instructors have instructed at the national and international level and frequently attend continuing education programs. Our staff includes trainers with doctoral degrees, emergency response veterans, and industry leaders.

We look forward to meeting your training needs!

Chris Weber
President and Lead Instructor

Dr. Hazmat, Inc.



Our classes drive capability.  We ensure students learn the why as well as the how. The how gets students safely through the usual incidents, the why gets students and their agencies successfully through the unusual incidents. We use the industries most complete textbook - Hazardous Materials Technician, written by our very own Chris Weber - whenever possible.  This is supplemented by designer student manuals, job sheets and response charts. No other classes drive response capability like ours do.


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"Instructors were great!"
"Very good teaching style for both instructors.  They were able to teach very technical and difficult material effectively."
"Excellent - very well prepared.  Best instruction I've had since joining the CST."
"Great source of knowledge.  Would use their expertise for reachback."
"They are experienced and knowledgeable.  Talked to our level. Used personal history to drive home points."
"Great work, very flexible to the needs of the students and managed to engage students of all experience levels."

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